The founding of the Ancient Roman Empire started with monarch kings that would eventually abuse their power and treat their people harshly. These kings ruled Ancient Rome for a couple hundred years before they wore out their welcome. The kings of early Ancient Rome, after years of mistreatment, inspired the people to find a new system of power. The early Ancient Romans overthrew their tyrant kings and formed a new type of government called a republic.

The new Ancient Roman republic (government) was a balancing act that aimed to keep the citizens of Ancient Rome pleased. Like modern day politicians, these leaders of the Ancient Roman Empire had to make compromises to meet the Roman citizen’s needs. Government representatives had to battle each other and risk upsetting other members in their fight for power. Ancient Rome was known for dividing the powers within the government into sections to ensure no area or person would have supreme control.

The Ancient Roman Republic soon gave way to the Ancient Roman Empire. The Ancient Roman Republic lasted about 500 years before it transitioned into an Empire. With the founding of the Ancient Roman Empire came the first Emperor, Augustus. This new Ancient Roman Emperor made decisions according to his liking. The senate had no real power anymore because the Emperor was now in control. Citizens of the Ancient Roman empire could still vote for senators, but these senators only made suggestion or gave their opinions to the emperor. In the end, the emperor would decide what he pleased.

Ancient Rome’s government was notorious for corruption. The branches of the Ancient Roman government never were in unison with each other. The Senate never liked the emperors and the emperors never liked the Senate. This caused turmoil, a loss of control throughout the government, and frequent assassinations and plots to overthrow each other. Many of Ancient Rome’s emperors and senators would be murdered in their quest for power because officials did not like their political views or behaviors.

These corrupt practices would eventually destroy the mighty Ancient Roman Empire along with the emperors that could not sustain the boarders of Ancient Rome.

Read on to learn about the great Ancient Roman Empire and their pioneered system of government that has been the model for government systems even after their fall.

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