Government: The Roman Forum


The Ancient Roman Forum was a place in Ancient Rome where the Twelve Tablets were kept. The Roman Forum was at the heart of the city where other important government buildings and temples were located. Ancient Roman citizens would go to the Forum not only for religious and government dealings but also for shopping and socializing.

The forum was between Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill. Palatine Hill was where Ancient Rome’s grandest temples stood. Palatine Hill was also where the wealthy made their homes. Because this was such an ideal location, the Roman forum was used by leaders and other important people to deliver speeches and announcements.

Because the Roman Forum was such a bustling area for religious and government dealings, there was a need for nearby goods and services there. There were open markets and shops so Ancient Roman citizens could obtain goods. At times, Ancient Romans even had gladiator fights in the Roman Forum. The Forum was also used for public ceremonies. Because the Forum was used daily, it was quick and easy access to large crowds when an audience was needed. This was especially important in Ancient Rome as the political scene was constantly buzzing with new candidates, ideas, and corruption.

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