Culture: Vomiting After Eating

RomeFood2A very odd practice done by Romans was making themselves throw up after being full because they loved eating so much. This was well known fact in ancient Rome.   The wealthy Romans had slaves use a feather to tickle the back of their throats to make them throw up. This would allow roman citizens to continue eating and drinking all night long. It is believed sometimes their extravagant dinners would last 8 hours. This seemed to be a standard of practice and part of the fine-dining experience in ancient Rome. It should also be noted that vomiting after dinner to eat more is also highly debated among ancient Roman scholars because there was no actual place for Romans to throw up. This was a myth believed to get people interested in ancient Roman dinning culture. Some say the average Roman did not embark on this practice while others claim they did. If this practice did exist, it was likely practiced by the elite and rich as they had disposable amounts of food. Throwing up was likely due to overeating and the foods they ate. Vomiting in ancient Roman times was considered decadent and not highly looked upon.

With this said, the word Vomitorium did exist, but its meaning is something completely different and had nothing to do with throwing up a meal. In ancient Roman times, it basically meant archways at amphitheaters and theatres. These pathways were designed to keep crowds moving efficiently through the structure. It was believed Romans were able to fill a massive amphitheater is about fifteen minutes due to how efficiently they were designed.

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