Religion: Dii Consentes – Roman Council of Twelve Gods

The Dii Consentes (Dii Complices) was the equivalent to Ancient Greece’s twelve great Olympian Gods. Dii Consentes means council of gods and was made up of Ancient Rome’s twelve most powerful gods. The twelve great Ancient Roman gods was an idea of balance, consisting of six male-female pairs. The idea was that these powerful gods had a male or female counterpart that created a major presence. Although the Ancient Romans had thousands of gods, these twelve primary gods encompassed a balance and authority that they believed to be the ultimate power. The Ancient Romans also believed that these protectors that were unstoppable—especially to those that would harm Ancient Rome or her citizens.

dii consentes

The Dii Consentes were worshiped in a lectisternium, which was a ceremony used to appease the gods through a banquet. Their statues were showcased on couches and the Ancient Romans would present meals, gifts, and worship to them. The Ancient Romans believed that because of the Dii Consentes, they were protected from outsiders who would try to take Rome for themselves. The Ancient Romans also believed that because of their display of worship to the Dii Consentes that these gods would always defend them and keep Rome safe.

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