Emperors: The Military and Emperors

military and emperors

Ancient Roman Emperors had many strengths and talents; however, the talents that showed they had the courage and power to rule great Rome was their success in the Ancient Roman Military. Many of the Ancient Roman Emperors had successful military campaigns that brought Ancient Rome new territories, riches, and customs. If an Emperor was a war hero or respected by the military, the citizens of Rome knew that he would be strong enough to keep Ancient Rome a powerful state. In addition, an Emperor with military strengths would also keep the city of Rome safe in the face of intruders or potential attacks.

Many Emperors were proclaimed Emperor by their military troops. This was an honor because it showed that the Emperor was a courageous war hero and that the military looked at them as a strong and competent leader. The Ancient Roman military was a well known force in Rome and across the Empire. If the military made a proclamation, citizens and the government listened intently, as they did not want incur their wrath. Emperors were sometimes forced to fight for their titles and positions as the Ancient Roman Empire struggled with many competing leaders. Several Roman Emperors were killed by rival generals who tried asserting their dominance through military and war. Many of these Emperors also co-ruled with their sons trying to maintain control of the Empire.

During a period in Rome known as the Barracks Emperors, Emperors seized power with the command of the army. This meant that these Emperors were not simply elected by the government, but that they took the Emperor title by force. The Roman government and citizens was no match for skilled military soldiers. There were approximately fourteen Emperors in a span of thirty-three years during the Barracks Emperors. This constant changing of power caused instability and civil war throughout the Ancient Roman Empire. This era of Emperors almost destroyed the Ancient Roman Empire and left it extremely vulnerable to attack. Fortunately, the Empire triumphed over these obstacles and went on to rule for many years.


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