Emperors: The Praetorian Guard

Praetorian Guard

The Praetorian Guard was a group of bodyguards used by the Ancient Roman Emperors. During the Ancient Roman Republic, the Praetorian Guard title was used for soldiers who guarded the Roman generals at their tent or in general. The Praetorian Guard had a huge role in determining who the next Emperor was. At times, the Praetorian Guard was responsible for assassinations when the Emperors of Rome became too corrupt or uncooperative. However, the Praetorian Guard began to assassinate for pay or simply because they felt it was necessary. Because of their skill and power, the Senate would not dare disagree with their actions, as for fear of being killed themselves.

It was not until Constantine I in the 4th century that the Praetorian Guard was eliminated. The Praetorian Guard was also corrupt and demanded inducements and high wages or else they would peruse death of the Emperor. They also would assassinate the ruler if they tried to rid the Roman Empire of the Praetorian Guards.


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