Military: Weapons

The Ancient Roman military’s might was also matched with their weapons. They used weaponry from the Ancient Etruscans and Greeks and improved on them to create the ultimate killing machines. As the Ancient Roman military encountered new cultures, they found ways to incorporate enemy weaponry in to their daily use. This is what made the Roman Army so victorious. Many of their military weapons were adopted from their enemies. But what the Ancient Romans did was not only innovative, but unique. The Ancient Romans would take a weapon from enemies in battle and not only use it, but improve it.

The Romans took pride in learning their enemies’ technology and most of the time improved them. This is what added to their successful military conquests around the world. Throughout the reign of Ancient Rome, several weapons made an appearance. Because there was so much influence and great weaponry, the Ancient Romans adapted many of these items for their own use and success.

This was one of the reason of the Ancient Roman Empire was such a great success. They Ancient Romans were not too prideful to adopt techniques, tools, or items they were fond of that came from other cultures. In fact, the Ancient Romans were known for their diverseness from military weaponry to adopted gods and rituals.

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