Military: Roman Roads

The Roman Empire was a place of roads that spanned for about 50,000 miles. These roads were built by the military for the military. The purpose of these roads was to allow Rome s military to travel throughout the empire with ease. Because the Ancient Roman soldiers were expected to march at least 25 miles a day and had to carry their own gear that was heavy and bulky, the roads helped to ease some of this stress and still allow soldiers to make good travel time. These Ancient Roman roads created an easy pathway to walk on which was a nice change from the rigorous rocky hills and slippery muddy trails that were difficult and time consuming to march.

Reason for the Roads

The Ancient Romans wanted their citizens and challengers to know that if there was ever and issue, Ancient Rome would have her military there quickly and with ease. This was the thinking of the Ancient Roman military and government and helped keep many potential threats at bay.


The Ancient Romans wanted the world to know that they could be at any location at a moment s notice effortlessly. The Ancient Romans were very innovative in their approach to warfare and the roads were an example of this. Military officials knew that if their military could move freely throughout the empire and beyond, that it would give them the advantage when uprisings or invasion would take place, which happened quite frequently in Ancient Rome.


Another advantage of having pristine and easy to travel roads, to and from Ancient Rome, was a route to trading. Citizens of Ancient Rome could travel farther and more quickly to trade throughout the empire, reaching people of different crafts, goods, and skills. Likewise, people from outside the Ancient Roman Empire were able to travel in to Ancient Rome with their goods to local cities, ports, and busy trading spots. This not only brought new influences and cultures in to Ancient Rome, but also created a rich and thriving trading network.


The Ancient Roman Roads were ideal for sending important messages from the Ancient Roman Emperor, Government, or Military Generals to each other or throughout the Empire. The Ancient Roman Empire could send letters to Greece, Spain, and even parts of Gual when necessary. Letters or messages could be received within a few days because of the large system of messengers along the Ancient Roman roads. The smooth strong roads allowed their horses and carts to travel with amazing speed and comfort, especially when compared to the alternative.


Travel became more attractive to citizens and outsiders alike. The Ancient Roman Roads provided a more secure, comfortable, and faster routes to several destinations. These roads were large enough to allow one horse drawn cart to pass on each side. Although the wealthy usually traveled for leisure, the roads now gave access to all the classes. Travel for work or play was not made easier.

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